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We bake homemade vegan cakes for birthdays, Christmas, Valentine or any other occasion that you want to celebrate in sweetness. Gluten allergy? No problem, we will make a gluten free cake for you. Use the form at the bottom of the page to order your cake! 

Nr. 1 | Big frosting cake

Do you have a party? Or do you want to suprise somebody? This is your cake! 

You can decide on all kinds of different flavors: mint, cherry, chocolate, peanut butter, blueberry, banana, matcha, speculoos or oreo.


We can also add a text on it to personalize your cake! 

from €59

Nr. 2 | Vegan cheesecake

This beauty can be adapted to your own personal wishes. You want raspberry, peanut butter, chocolate banana, spirulina, earl grey or lemon flavor? Let us know! Oh and the bottom of the cake is made of chocolate, oats and Medjool dates!

From € 35

Nr. 3 | Muffins

Muffins are always a good idea. You get 12 of them for 17 euro and you can choose many different flavors: raspberry, blueberry, apple cinnamon, lemon, chocolate, banana, peanut, speculoos or butter.



€ 22 per 12 muffins

Nr. 4 | Cupcakes

Twelve cupcakes in different frosting flavors like: oreo, cherry, chocolate, speculoos, blueberry, banana, matcha, mocca, vanilla or peanutbutter. You can eather choose a chocolate or vanilla base. 

€ 35 for 12

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Nr. 5| Drip cake

This cake hype is a keeper! Choose a cake base (three to four layers!), your favorite frosting and decorations. It will be topped off with a vegan drip and steal the show at any event. 

We can also add a text on it to personalize your cake! 

From € 55

Nr. 6 | Vegan Red Velvet Cake

This beautiful red velvet is 100% vegan and made with a soft vanilla frosting. The perfect Valentine or Christmas suprise cake. We can add a name or hearts if needed. 

From €49

Nr. 7 | Brownies

These are the best gooey, chocolaty, yummy brownies. Hard form the outside, soft from the inside. These guys are 100% vegan, but nobody will ever know...

- You get a MIXED big box with 12 brownies.

- You can choose 4 flavors from the following options: double chocolate, naturel, blueberry, coconut, peanut butter, speculaas (Biscoff) & walnut. 

- Do you want to gift them to a friend? Buy them in our webshop! We can send these through the mail.

€ 24

Nr. 8 | Matcha Mochi cacke

This real time Japanse matcha cakes is vegan AND glutenfree! It's sweet but not too sweet with a good hinch of the typcial matcha tea. It's the perfect pie to cut in tiny pieces to present on a dinner table or to enjoy yourself for a week.   

Amount of pieces: 8 big ones or 12 normal ones

€ 22

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