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I was told there would be cake

B to B

do you own or manage a coffebar, teabar, lunchroom, restaurant or any other place where people eat CAKE? well, maybe we can help each other out. baking is a science and is not for everybody. let us take care of the baking, so you can focus on your business!


did you plan an event? are many people coming? do you have nightmares about the 400 cookies that you need to bake? don't worry. been there, done that! we do catering and take all those sweet things out of your hands.  

vegan cakes

did you notice that your customers have been asking about plantbased products? yep, it's a thing these days! it might be good to have some vegan options. don't know where to start? we do! we have been baking vegan cakes before it was cool. let us help you out!


in most cases, we can deliver your order to your location. just hit us up with the details and we will get back to you about the possibilities. 

cake? yes, there was. i'm so nót sorry 

Alrighty, but what can i order?

cheesecakes | brownies | cupcakes | carrot cakes| frosting cakes | banana breads | apples cake | celebration cakes | theme cakes | cookies | muffins

well, what about...

sounds sweet, but how can i order? 

dear M'am, dear Sir, how can we be of service?
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